Friday 31 March is an INSET day. 学院将不对所有学生开放.



Safeguarding is about ensuring that everyone is safe from harm – safe from bullying, safe from potential abuse, safe from discrimination and harassment and that everyone feels safe in our environment.

If you have any concerns about the welfare of yours or another child, 请和学院的任何老师谈谈, or you can speak directly to a member of the academy’s safeguarding team.

Child Safety Poster

  • Education Director: Mr S Cox
  • 指定保障主管(DSL): Mr S Hussain
  • 副指定护卫主任: Ms J Christie
  • SEND Co-ordinator: Mrs Y Parson
  • Deputy SEND Co-ordinator: Ms S Nawaz
  • Safeguarding Officer: Mrs S Blake
  • Safeguarding Officer: Ms L Delaney

Safeguarding children and young people is central to everything we do at Heartlands Academy, and, as such, 它在整个学院都很突出.

有关方面可根据要求提供全套现行和已批准的保护政策. However, the key policies are freely available to all and are clearly signposted, as appropriate, on this website.

At Heartlands Academy, we fully recognise our responsibility for safeguarding children and young people. It is difficult to accept, but every child can be hurt, put at risk of harm or abused, regardless of their age, gender, religion or ethnicity. 因此,AG娱乐网站竭尽所能:

  • 保护儿童不受虐待
  • 防止损害儿童的健康或发育
  • 确保儿童在符合提供安全有效照料的环境中成长
  • Take action to enable all children and young people to secure the best outcomes

AG娱乐网站AG娱乐APP下载采取的行动,以促进儿童的福利,保护他们免受伤害是每个人的责任. 每个与孩子和家庭接触的人都有自己的角色,AG娱乐网站承认并认真对待AG娱乐网站的角色, this. AG娱乐网站确保AG娱乐网站运作一个以儿童为中心的保护系统. We recognise that children want to be respected; to have their views heard; to have stable relationships with their teachers, built on trust; and to have consistent support for their individual needs.

学院与外部机构和专业人士合作,在需要时提供专业支持. 这些工作包括当地警察、咨询服务机构、心理健康服务机构和当地社区团体. 学生们也了解了学院的开放政策, whereby they can speak to any member of the safeguarding team about any concerns they may have.

The academy’s personal, social, 健康和经济(PSHE)教育计划是AG娱乐网站向学生提供保障主题的主要工具. 这是由导师在个人发展AG娱乐网站中提供的. We are keen that as many external providers as possible deliver sessions, 以确保尽可能多的专业知识.

Across Years 7-11, the following topics are examples of the kinds of issues we cover: cyberbullying, British culture, world cultures, sexual health, British values, immigration, homosexuality, homophobia, healthy relationships, globalisation, free speech, internet safety, drugs/alcohol education, the economy, the rule-of-law, government, multi-culturalism, human rights, the media, work-related learning, etc. 该AG娱乐网站确保学生了解如何在各种情况下保护自己的安全,并很好地理解他们在现代英国成长所面临的挑战.

匿名关注点也可以使用 Tootoot.


Tootoot makes it simple for students to report anything from bullying to a mental health concern. TootootAG娱乐网站的学生更容易说出来,让他们有信心他们的担忧被认真对待. 心脏地带的学生有自己的登录密码,可以使用电脑或手机报告任何问题.

Within the academy, all students are informed every morning of key messages which include how to report a concern. 报告担忧的另一种方式是与任何保护团队的成员或学生感觉舒服的其他工作人员交谈. 然后由警卫人员跟进.


学生们也有机会写下他们所关心的任何问题,并把它放在图书馆的一个盒子上. 所有的学生每天早上都会被提醒这一点.

Staff within the academy use CPOMS to report concerns that are followed through by the safeguarding team.

家长和护理人员可以分享任何担忧,并使用保护页面上的链接向学院报告。”Get in touch’.

Mental health resources for children, students, parents, carers and school/college staff.

Online safety

Think U Know 是儿童剥削及网上保护中心(CEOP)开发的一套资源,网址为:

Know IT All is a set of resources developed by Childnet International at website:

The NSPCC Share Aware 活动为家长/照顾者提供有用的事实和建议:英国防止虐待/ keeping-children-safe / share-aware /.

The NSPCC provide excellent parent and student support about protecting yourselves online. Especially during lockdown periods, or school holidays, it is really important to ensure you KNOW the signs of e-safety risks, like grooming, exploitation or cyberbullying, you actively LOOK for things like changes in behaviour, or secretive screen time, and then ACT to ensure you protect and potentially save your child or yourself from online harm. 有关保护单个设备的详细信息, from parent locks and controls, to understanding the risks and dangers around online devices and the internet, please see where you can pick your child’s device and it will give you a step by step guide to support.

Collaborative working

West Midlands Police

Heartlands Academy is an active member of the Ladywood Police and the North West Sharing Panels, 紧密合作,为当地社区的学生及其家庭提供支持. AG娱乐网站非常重视与该地区其他学校和组织合作的重要性,以造福社区. 这是AG娱乐网站保护, AG娱乐网站与西米德兰兹郡警方保持开放的沟通渠道. 这确保了AG娱乐网站积极支持社区警务行动,也确保AG娱乐网站的学生和护理人员了解与社区安全有关的问题.

AG娱乐APP下载致力于保护AG娱乐网站学生的安全, 无论是在学院还是在更广泛的社区. 这是AG娱乐网站保护安排的一部分, we have a two-way information-sharing agreement in place with West Midlands Police. 该协议符合犯罪规定 & Disorder Act 1998, Data Protection Act 2018 – 2021 Update and the United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation (UK-GDPR); and focuses on preventing young people from becoming involved, or further involved, 犯罪和反社会行为, as either a victim or an offender. If you have any queries about the partnership policy, please contact Mr M Ranford

AG娱乐网站还非常幸运地拥有一位校警联络官,他可以帮助AG娱乐网站的学生, or wider families, are concerned they’re at risk of, or have been involved in, criminal activity.

Open door counselling

为了进一步支持AG娱乐网站学生的健康和安全, 从他们的心理健康和幸福到他们过去的创伤或对潜在犯罪活动的支持, we also work in collaboration with the open door counselling service. AG娱乐网站有幸拥有一位优秀的辅导员,他每周都会来AG娱乐网站的网站,并在任何需要的地方为AG娱乐网站的学生提供1:1的支持.

如果你对警察合作政策或开放式辅导服务有任何疑问, 请通过以下方式联系校长助理:

Useful information

Online grooming

网上诱骗是指有人在网上和孩子交朋友,建立他们的信任,目的是利用他们并伤害他们. 打扮造成的伤害可能是性虐待, both in person and online, and exploitation to obtain sexually explicit images and videos of the child.



Sexual violence and harassment

What is sexual harassment?

性骚扰是任何一种不受欢迎的性行为,让你感到羞辱或恐吓, 或者那会创造一个敌对的环境.

当有人用侮辱性的名字称呼你时, 用性的方式谈论你,让你感觉不舒服 (like commenting on your body),或者散布关于你的性谣言,那就是性骚扰. 它可以发生在面对面,通过电话,或网上.

性骚扰会让你感到焦虑, 抑郁会导致其他问题, such as difficulties sleeping.

‘Everyone’s Invited’ support

你们很多人都看过媒体报道的一个网站叫做Everyone’s Invited

At Heartlands Academy, we continue to proudly promote a culture that fosters respect and healthy relationships, 并挑战各种形式的虐待. 英国教育标准局(Ofsted)将审查全国各地学校的安全措施,这一事实令AG娱乐网站感到鼓舞。.

As an academy we will always:

  • 让所有的孩子都能自由地报告他们的担忧,并知道他们会被认真对待
  • 挑战任何形式的贬损语言或行为
  • Ensure our curriculum helps to educate pupils about appropriate behaviour
  • Work with external agencies where appropriate to ensure the right support is in place for all
  • Work with external agencies where appropriate to ensure the right support isin place for all

We would also like to highlight some of the support available to you. 除了可以随时联系学院的AG娱乐网站, the NSPCC has recently created a helpline (0800 136 663) for parents/carers and young people, 他们也可以通过

The following websites also provide additional information and support:

Child criminal exploitation

Criminal exploitation is also known as ‘county lines’; and is when gangs and organised crime networks groom and exploit children to sell drugs. Often, 这些孩子被安排到各个县去旅行, 他们使用专用的移动电话“线路”来提供药品.

你可以找到更多关于儿童犯罪剥削的信息, 包括迹象和从哪里获得帮助:

Child sexual exploitation

儿童性剥削(CSE)是性虐待的一种. 当一个孩子或年轻人被剥削时,他们会得到东西, like gifts, drugs, money, status and affection, 以换取性行为. 孩子和年轻人经常被骗相信他们处在一段充满爱和两厢情愿的关系中. This is called grooming. They may trust their abuser and not understand that they’re being abused.

You can find more information about CSE, including signs of CSE and where to get help from:

Modern slavery

Modern slavery is a serious crime. It emcompasses slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.


激进化是指一个人支持或参与极端主义意识形态的过程. It can result in a person becoming drawn into terrorism and is in itself a form of harm. Extremism is vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

You can find more information about Radicalisation, 包括迹象和从哪里获得帮助:

Mental health

每个人都有心理健康——有些人把心理健康称为“情感健康”或“幸福”,它和身体健康一样重要. 每个人的心理健康状况都不一样. AG娱乐网站都有感到沮丧、压力大或害怕的时候. Most of the time those feelings pass, but sometimes they develop into a more serious problem. This can happen to anyone.

你可以获得更多关于心理健康的信息, 包括精神健康不佳的迹象, and where to get more help from:

Please find further information here 提高人们对伯明翰儿童信托基金会支持儿童和年轻人心理健康的认识

Child-on-child abuse

儿童虐待发生在年轻人身上 (under 18 years old) is exploited, bullied and/or harmed by their peers, who are the same or similar age. 儿童对儿童的虐待包括身体虐待和性虐待, sexual harassment and violence, emotional harm, bullying (including cyberbullying) and teenage relationship abuse.


Domestic abuse

家暴不仅仅是殴打或威胁, but it is controlling behaviour, 还有贬低和情感虐待. 它会让你觉得你无法逃脱, or that you’re worried for your children or another family if you leave.

There is support out there: Women’s Aid and 全国家暴热线 0808 2000 247 are great sources of support and information, as well as where to get help from. 他们安全,有保障,24小时营业. The telephones numbers are also Freephone so don’t worry if you don’t have credit.

It is proven that children who witness domestic abuse in their lifetime, especially from their parents, 有更高的心理健康和幸福担忧风险吗, 自己是家暴的受害者,有行为上的担忧.


Birmingham Central Foodbank Logo

We don’t think anyone in our community should have to face going hungry. We signpost Birmingham Central Foodbank. 食物库提供三天营养均衡的紧急食物,并向在危机中被转介给AG娱乐网站的当地人提供支持.

Further support and links:

  • Relate ‘0300 003 0396’You can talk to Relate about your relationship, including issues around domestic abuse.
  • Men’s Advice Line ‘0808 801 0327’为遭受家庭暴力和虐待的男性提供咨询和支持.
  • 全国LGBTQI+家庭暴力求助热线“0800 999 5428”Emotional and practical support for LGBT+ people experiencing domestic abuse.
  • The Hideout support for children suffering through domestic abuse and violence.
  • Food Banks



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